The Importance Of Transitions

Transitions are inevitable. In two days, I transition from being 21 to 22. So for the past couple of days, my mind has been wrapped up in nostalgia and thoughts about the future. Transitions are both expected and unexpected. I look forward to them, yet I'm unwilling to open my door when they arrive. Name … Continue reading The Importance Of Transitions


Class Notes: 6 Promotional Tips For Your New Book

And we're back! In this installment of Class Notes, I will be going over some tips that will help you promote your new book. The information below will be from a section from Poet's Market 2017 titled "6 Ways To Promote Your New Book" by Jeannine Hall Gailey. Click here if you missed the last … Continue reading Class Notes: 6 Promotional Tips For Your New Book

Self Hustle Fatigue

Hey everyone, just a quick update. Earlier this week, I self-diagnosed myself with a condition called "Self Hustle Fatigue." Symptoms include rampant procrastination, unfinished work, and the aforementioned fatigue. I struggled with finding the motivation to do anything productive. Unfortunately, this is a byproduct of being an independent and unknown artist. Without much certainty, it's … Continue reading Self Hustle Fatigue