How I Make My Posters: One Poster A Week 1 Tutorial

To add some educational value to my art, I’m currently doing a poster challenge on my Instagram and creating a tutorial for each poster. These tutorials are aimed towards those who already have some knowledge of graphic design, although you can follow along if you’re a newbie. Tutorial Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Document Size: … Continue reading How I Make My Posters: One Poster A Week 1 Tutorial

Disillusionment With Church Life

There comes a point in every churchgoer's life when church becomes monotonous. The music doesn't hit you the same way. The sermon becomes background noise as your mind races across various landscapes. The people become less inviting and more annoying. And every so often, a thought comes to mind: maybe I should just leave. I … Continue reading Disillusionment With Church Life

Wednesday Writes: love in winter

I love you like radios love Christmas music during advent season. Romance in the season of single digits and hand holding. Hearts crafted in snow plowed from the driveway. Cold hands by mini infernos. Twinkling lights around the house. A decorated tree in the living room. Illuminating angels and sentient snowmen donning top hats. Red … Continue reading Wednesday Writes: love in winter