Wednesday Writes: love in winter

I love you like radios love Christmas music during advent season.
Romance in the season of single digits and hand holding.
Hearts crafted in snow plowed from the driveway.
Cold hands by mini infernos.
Twinkling lights around the house.
A decorated tree in the living room.
Illuminating angels and sentient snowmen donning top hats.
Red nose reindeer and jealous villians.
A baby being born, bringing joy to the world.
Gift wrappings scattered on the floor.
Expected presents and unexpected blessings.
The chestnut roasted nostalgia burning in empty rooms.
It’s the season of expectations and celebration.

I wonder what love will look like after traditions fade into the new year.
Will our old fears become guests overstaying their welcome?
Friends become fiends with small hearts in need of growing.
As the sun sets
in the winter wonderland, the stars shine on our crossed paths.
Are you the clouds or the snow?
Either way, I hope you linger for many winters.


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