Want to help me finish my book? Buy me some coffee!

What inspires you to get out of bed in the morning?

Meditation? Hitting the snooze button that last time? Unfinished assignments that must be submitted in a few hours?

How about coffee?

As someone who doesn’t drink coffee on a regular basis, I understand the impact that it has on other people. It provides a burst of energy that wakes you up and remove the remains of sleep from the previous night.

Every writer needs some form of motivation to complete their projects. While coffee might not be much of a motivator to me, a virtual version of it may be exactly what I need in order to complete a particular project of mine.

GodSpeed and Ko-fi

About a year ago, I fully fleshed out the idea of “GodSpeed” and how I wanted it to be different from my previous works. I came up with this ambitious plan of releasing a volume of poetry every four months, each with an overarching theme or topic to address. I also wanted to let certain people know the progress and process of  “GodSpeed” as I was writing each section, while releasing a poem a month.

The only thing that’s worked out so far is releasing a poem a month. Volume 1 is still unfinished and I should be working on Volume 2 pretty soon. On top of that, it seems like people are not as interested as I thought they would be. So I’ve been struggling with motivation and whether it’s worth it to continue working on “GodSpeed.” Is it too grand of a project for me to undertake at this time? Should I wait until I have more of a stable following or financial backing? Legitimate concerns that could easily stop me in my tracks and force me to forfeit. Yet my first poetry collection was written in the limited free time I had between an internship and classes. Plus I was still considered a new poet when I would share excerpts of it on Instagram. To date, it’s arguably my most successful publication! I met some supportive people who encouraged me to keep going and I garnared a small following off of the strength of my writing.

Perhaps that’s the main problem I’m having with “GodSpeed.” It feels like I’m doing this alone and expecting people to just come out of the woodworks and support me. I made a Patreon (which I just deleted) and a Tumblr (which I also deleted) in hopes of reaching out to a new audience and getting support for “GodSpeed.” Yet it didn’t work out as planned. So now I’m scaling back my operation to this blog and Ko-fi, which I discovered during my time on Tumblr. It seems like a simpler version of Patreon and is less demanding of time and effort to set up. I hope to use Ko-fi as a way of interacting with those who are generous enough to send a few dollars my way.

I currently have one goal set at $50. With your help, I should reach that goal in no time. Once this milestone is completed, I’ll set more for each volume. If you enjoyed my poetry over the years or you’re interested in seeing what “GodSpeed” has to offer, it would be beneficial to buy me a cup of coffee and help me finish what could be my best work! I know I have what it takes, but I just need some motivation to finally get me out of bed.





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