A 2-Year Anniversary

WordPress recently reminded me that I created this account 2 years ago. It’s amazing to see how far this blog has gone since I conceptualized the idea on a bus ride home. The humble beginnings that led to Brother Humbled. The early logos that I created on my iPod Touch. The multiple notes recorded at multiple locations that led to my first poetry collection. The sporadic blog posts that lacked direction.

There’s plenty more that I can mention. But you get the idea. When I began Brother Humbled, I was mainly driven by my desires. A desire to serve through my artistry and to make a living from my art. It was a leap of faith that led to moments of floating and falling. Two years later, I would have never ever thought that I would be in the situation that I am now.

As I write this, I’m laying in bed at my parents’ house as an unemployed college graduate. I haven’t seen my bachelor’s degree in a long time. I recently requested my last paycheck from my previous job. I’m creating more and learning new techniques. I still need to finish up some poems for GodSpeed. Actually, I just need to write more…

Mentally, I’m still on that bus ride home. So many goals to accomplish. Items with boxes to check off. Always thinking about the next move, the next Instagram post, the next follower who may become friend or ghost. Safe to say, this journey has been humbling. I’m no longer the naive college student who thought he would pay his bills through poetry and graphic design. With college long behind me, all I have is life. Pain, passion, doubt, direction, progress, regression, success, silence, and the rest. There have been moments when I wanted to leave this behind and just live a normal life. A 9-5 job, consistent income, and a living space to call my own. But I graduated as an English major, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected much. Although I don’t regret my decision, there is still some bitterness about what could have been and where I should be. Not every relationship is perfect, but it’s the commitment that makes it worth it. So I raise a toast in honor of my 2-year commitment to myself and my artistry. Here’s to many more.


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