When I Met You On The Internet

The World Wide Web wed us all

into a matrimony of mouse clicks and keyboard strokes.

Profiles would then file us into friends and followers.

Come along.

Share your thoughts and comments.

Even if you rarely visit like a comet.

Still you are welcomed, my long lost accomplice.

Whether scrolling or patrolling,

I’ll be waiting here patiently.


I was young when I met you on the Internet.

Even though in real life, we never crossed paths.

We were separated by an ocean.

From pen pals to best friends.

In a world of loners, it was just us.

A mystical bond started over original poetry and teenage thinking.

I never wanted to grow up when I talked to you.

Back when the moonlight watched over our lives.

And we were children rejecting our bedtimes.

I counted the rhymes that joined our separate lives.

A beautiful poem cut short by abandoned message threads.

I never knew where you went off to.

But I hope you’re safe out there.


I stumbled across your account on the Internet.

Your body was ad space

to attract avarice and avid fan bases.

Desperate housewives trying to be famous.

Living mannequins modeling in exposed flesh.

I liked every post and messaged you when I wanted to humanize you.

Sometimes you responded, and we would talk like close friends.

I would share your images and subtly beg for more.

The pimp-prostitute dynamic:

I use you and I was used too.

My conscience considered it sin.

My thoughts captured you in moments that I should never view again.

When the hopes of finding a soulmate become nonexistent.

When hands and hormones decide to join forces.

I play this same game with every woman like you.

Those who would tease men,

solicit subscriptions,

and seek fame through the Internet.


And then there’s you.

Someone who follows me,

but doesn’t speak to me.

A constant mystery.

A robotic stranger.

An online apparition.

Why did you bother adding me?

Why follow me with blind eyes?

Your profile, still blank as faceless papers.

I questioned your motives

and found no answers for your purpose.

Maybe you were interested but became indifferent.

Maybe the memes were more engaging than me.

Maybe you give fame in exchange for more.

But my platform wasn’t enough to boost yours.

Suspicions and conspiracies continue to abound.

About the inconsistencies of social media renown.

People can be reliable or an inherent threat.

A lesson well learned when I met you on the Internet.


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