A Letter I Wrote To Myself

I turn 22 in 22 days.

I found an old memo book and the first page contains a short letter I wrote to myself. I forget what motivated me to write this, but it still resonates with me even now.

Whenever you get the chance, I would suggest that you write a letter to yourself. It’s amazing what you can teach your future self. I hope you gain something from my self-reflection.

Without further ado, here’s the letter:

Dear Self,
You are in a new environment, 4 hours away from home, in a city you barely know. Keep your head up, man. This will be a long 3 years. Place your faith in God. No matter what, people love and care about you. Go find them. You shouldn’t be relying on me all the time. Don’t forget where you came from and also where you are going.
Bryan Joseph Lordeus

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