I’m out of the dating game… again

The loner lifestyle is not a glamorous one.

Like every gamer, I always have the controller in hand, ready to power up a console and go on a journey. I’m not much of a player, but the dating game is on chaos difficulty and I have yet to find the right guide on how to beat it.

Stuck on Tutorial

I’ve written about love in the past on numerous occasions. To give a brief summary: my experiences aren’t anything to brag about.

It feels like I never got past the tutorial section of the dating game. I learn about how it works, what to expect, and where to go when I encounter trouble. Yet the moment I feel ready to proceed, the game crashes.

Relationships end just as quickly as they started. Love turns into lust and loneliness. And after while, the game case gathers dust as the game remains unexplored.

Online “Gaming”

Modern gaming has incorporated online multiplayer into the gamer experience. You will need an account, display name, and internet connection in order to play with people outside of your living room or bedroom.

I can’t help but wonder if online multiplayer has taken some cues from online dating. For one thing, it removes the stress of meeting actual people by interacting through a screen. You can overcompensate through your words in order to hide your social awkwardness. In order to complete certain missions, you have to trust that the person you’re working with will not bail on you last minute. And depending on how long you play, you might meet the right person if you play well enough.

Players Gonna Play

I barely scratched the surface, but it’s an interesting parallel to ponder. Although I’m not the best gamer in the world, I still enjoy playing video games. And despite my difficulties with dating, I still look forward to meeting the right girl.

Perhaps I need to revisit the tutorial section of myself, rethink my strategies, and try again once my gaming fatigue has worn off. Until then, I’ll just put the controller down and find satisfaction as a loner.


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