Self Hustle Fatigue

Hey everyone, just a quick update.

Earlier this week, I self-diagnosed myself with a condition called “Self Hustle Fatigue.” Symptoms include rampant procrastination, unfinished work, and the aforementioned fatigue. I struggled with finding the motivation to do anything productive.

Unfortunately, this is a byproduct of being an independent and unknown artist. Without much certainty, it’s easy to work yourself into a ditch. Little money to your name, little notoriety for your fame. Is it worth twice the effort for half the reward, if any?

This one question has prevented from fully accepting my status as an artist. The come up just seems to be stagnant. I remember posting content on Instagram every day and wondering if my follower count would ever consistently grow. I have more posts than followers and the followers seem less interested than I am about my own work. As I wallow in this ditch, time goes on and so does people’s interest.

Prior to the end of last year, I got a job as an online tutor for a website. I answer questions and get paid for how effective I address each question. It’s not a “real job,” but it’s something at least. The hours are flexible, which is a gift and a curse. I’m not making as much money as I should be, yet I am receiving a paycheck every month. There’s no telling how much longer I can rely on this job, so I took a risk and started investing in my freelance career again.

I got back into Skillshare, which is where I learned to design the image above. I also joined the Freelance Writers Den, ran by self-taught freelance writer Carol Tice. I’m both excited and afraid of investing in the program, but I have a feeling that I may gain something that will finally bring me to the next level. A way out of this ditch.

If you’re currently suffering from Self Hustle Fatigue, I would advise you to take some risks on yourself. Avoid the safety of what is easily seen. Learn something new and give yourself a break every now and then. With the rough week that I’ve had, I’m trying to take my own advice.

(Oh, and I made some updates to my website. Check it out and let me know what you think. I’ll talk to you in the next blog post.)


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