Flowers, next to Machines: “Complexities between Artistry and Practicality”

This poem explores the concept of creativity and practicality, and how they clash (and combine) when relating to the poet.

A poem about writing. A conversation between two writing disciplines.

A slight departure from the storyline, Brother Humbled is wrestling with the concepts of artistry and practicality. Which one takes precedent?

To settle this once and for all, he hosts a debate in which each concept can argue their case.

I have a gold mine of talent.
My body of work should be in a pageant.

The beauty of art is embodied in a pageant model. Throughout the poem, the phrase “body of work” will represent different things. Whether it’s an anthology or compilation of business documents, this internal debate will adapt to the changing comparisons.

Dressed in impressionistic fashion
with flair, beauty, and passion.
Exuding extravagance at this fine event.

A subtle nod to the Impressionist art movement of the 19th-century. Characterized by the inclusion of movement, depictions of light, and thin brush strokes, this pageant model captures the attention of her audience.

I’ll give a voice to the introverted.
I tell the creatives to be beautiful in their own skin.

Introverts are known for being contemplative and are more likely to be artists. Since art is derived from one’s mind, creativity is an exhibition event in which to give a voice and take pride in one’s creation.

I manage the affair.
I’m a body of work that works overtime.
To place you in your position
where you can strut like you have something to say.

While art draws the crowd, there has to be planning and organizing involved. And this body of work believes that his managerial skills is of true importance.

There’s no security in beauty.
No guarantees that you will succeed
without me working behind the scenes.

Living the artist life is a constant risk. The success stories are few and far between, and it will not be an easy process. It’s simpler to just work behind-the-scenes than to perform.

I admit that’s fair.
I’m a body of work that belongs in a garden.

Even though there are difficulties in being an artist, there is still inherent value of art found in nature.

I arose from oppression.
Son of a bright flower, I was plucked and
thrown in the den of lions.

Using wordplay on different kinds of flowers, the struggles that inspire art allows for a more human connection.

Still I rise, greeting the sunshine.
Basking in writer’s enlightenment.
Reflecting colors of nature’s spectrum
that inspire portraits of imagination.

It’s not enough to only focus on the pain, but to learn from it. To seek resolution and clarity is paramount to the human experience, which artists aim to address through a variety of methods.

I see your point.
I’m a body of work that takes form in sprinklers,
Spraying waters of wonders and wandering wisdom.

If imagination is the garden, then revision is the sprinklers that keep the garden hydrated. To portray art in an effective manner, there has to be order and balance.

Correcting all the flaws of human nature.
I’m an overseer of writers’ tears;
I simply pass by and rain everywhere.

At any moment, a multitude of ideas are formed and considered. But only a select few will see the light of day. Still, it’s important to observe and organize the flawed and favorable flowers.

In the molecules of solitude,
I produce plants grown from hydrated nutrients.

Revision first starts with self. Every plant that’s grown is important, but only some can be sold or put on display. It’s up to the sprinkler to make sure each flower is hydrated and cared for.

I know my nature is flawed by humans.
I’m a body of work that fits all the lines in a room.
Housing stanzas into separate living environments.

The previous poem revolved around the concept of a style of music and how it related to real-life experiences. In the same way, this body of work is a lyric sheet to a song. The “lines in a room” are stanzas which host separate ideas.

The neighbors are musical notes,
intricate rhyme schemes, and syllabic patterns.

Sounds, rhyme schemes, and rhythms adds to the composition of a song.

I reckon I’m the best thing to happen to words
since literary recordings.

Ancient stories that were written down was originally delivered orally and passed down through generations. Written word preserved these stories and made it possible for a future audience to get a glimpse of the past.

I won’t deny your organizational tactics.
I’m a body of work that is best paired with graphs,
diagrams, and outlines.

While it does take effort to create a song, it’s doesn’t nearly compare the endeavor of putting together a business presentation.

I’m the final draft.
I do mean business.

The final draft is the version that gets presented after much revision and edits. Taking creative liberties won’t fare well for the business-minded individuals.

I’m rough without the right revisions.
I’m tough to write without a clear vision.

Drafting a written work can difficult without making the necessary edits and finding the right inspiration.

It’s elementary that essays, proposals,
and presentations require proper grammar.
Without me, the message stagnates.

The editing aspects of writing can be laborious and boring. But without it, the effectiveness of your message weakens.

I’m intrigued by both arguments.
As an admirer of author’s tools, I admit
I tend to separate you two like residents and immigrants.

After hearing both arguments, Brother Humbled now appreciates the value of both thoughts and regrets not taking advantage of the possible cohesion between them.

Yet with you both, my writing transcends
from amateur works to master collections.

Reconciling the dichotomy can improve one’s writing capabilities.

Technical expertise, taking the form of artistry.
One creates, the other corrects.
One cultivates, the other contemplates.
One performs, the other presents.

The differences of each aspect of writing offer their own advantages. As an artist, it’s imperative to view your work from a variety of perspectives and to figure out what needs to be worked on before publishing.

The unlikely duo.
Like metaphors, let’s connect.
Utilizing teamwork to achieve brilliance of language.

Brother Humbled is battling between his desire to create art and to make a decent living. Does he remain business-minded and practical? Or artistic and imaginative? There is an audience for both, but it’s necessary to find the cohesion between artistry and practicality, even if it’s imperfect. If we think life is meant to be lived on either extremes, then we are not living at all.

This poem added levity to the heavy topics addressed in previous poems. And with the end fast approaching, the reader was given a chance to breathe and relax with a fun poem. But the complications make a return in the next poem. This time, centered around the idea of love.


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