Sea Sick: “A Second Chance at Romantic Connection”

This poem details a past relationship gone awry. Using ocean imagery and extended sea metaphors, the poet wishes nothing but the worst for this girl.

We last saw Two Dope dealing with his first heartbreak. At this point, he wonders if he will ever find love again. So he sets off on a journey to find something or someone worth living for.

The opening line shows his current state.

My soul is tied to the tides of time.

Not committed to anyone, Two Dope is simply wandering through life. He’s an adventurer without a planned destination.

I set sail on the seas, searching for my soulmate.

Yet his purpose is revealed: to find another girl to connect with and chase the same relational high that hurt him in the past.

So far off from the island.
I set my eyes on the horizon.

In this ocean, Two Dope is “far from the island,” or his zone of comfort. Not sure what to expect, he courageously sails towards the horizon.

Now begins the voyage.
Nervous motions into the ocean.

A subtle reference to the title of the poem. Sea sickness occurs as a result of the rocking motion of a boat while in the water. The lack of stability that the waves represent reflects Two Dope’s fluctuant intentions with finding love.

I suddenly sought romance with my best friend
All these emotions I dived in

It all seems worth it when he does find a potential soulmate. The fact that she’s his best friend implies that there was a previous friendship that was established at an indeterminate time. He finds her in a similar predicament and it becomes apparent that they should take the risk of being in a relationship.

You held me together,
when the weather was furthest from pleasant.

During tough times, she comforted Two Dope with her compassion and loyalty.

But the voiceless winds left me paranoid.
What happened to our connection?

At a later point, there seems to be a possibility of estrangement between the two lovers. Two Dope notices this and wonders if it is worth worrying about.

Has this maiden voyage become pointless?

Still at sea, Two Dope realizes that he’s far from land and still drifting. Although he supposedly found what he’s looking for, he’s starting to question if it was all worth it.

All of my fears became reality
when you found comfort in another captain.

The answer comes in the form of infidelity. Her intentions were not so pure after all. Once she grew tired of this relationship, she simply left and began another relationship.

You must not have heard,
but a mutiny occurred.
I lost control of my anger.

News of this caused some internal unrest on Two Dope’s ship. The ship represents Two Dope’s state of mind, which is in disarray at the moment.

My guard was let down,
now I have cracks in my armor.

Because Two Dope made himself vulnerable, it only weakened him once she left.

Weakened from the turmoil.
Losing my loving manners.
What’s the point of being enamored?

With the loss of another relationship, Two Dope now views romance as a meaningless endeavor.

Through all the wrongs, I see right through you.

Losing his capacity for love, Two Dope only has anger and contempt towards this person. In retrospect, he should have seen the signs and acted accordingly.

Harboring a cold heart, I have no sympathy for you.
You moved me in ways that made me nauseous.
Now I’m sea sick.

The negative aspects of the relationship and the subsequent deception now become apparent. The instability of their short-lived romance led to nausea and regret.

You slithering sea serpent.
Silent siren, siphoning life forces.

The alliteration of the “S” sounds evokes the hissing of a serpent. This is how Two Dope sees this girl now. A poisonous creature who led him to a false sense of security, then weakened him.

I sing sad sea shanties and the storm is imminent.
I see you in my nightmares and hopeless delusions.

A storm is coming and Two Dope is unable to mentally prepare for it. His mind is occupied with the sorrow that the girl left him with and he’s unable to let it go just yet. He still wants to be the victim and seek vengeance for her treason.

A sinking Ark in a Deluge,
I couldn’t save myself from the merciless blues.

Unlike Noah and his Ark, Two Dope’s ship wasn’t meant to survive the harsh conditions. His hopeful outlook is now sinking along with his ship.


Like sinful sea dogs,
I hope you drown in your own vomit.

Ending the poem on a Biblical reference (Proverbs 26:11), Two Dope continues to latch on to his bitterness. Two Dope still has feelings for this person, albeit negative ones. And it looks like he won’t be forgiving her anytime soon.

Two Dope becomes more cynical as his ego continues to be challenged. Regardless of his intentions to find love, he’s only found abandonment and betrayal. The only conclusion he can formulate is that he is incapable of loving and being loved. Still drifting at sea, Two Dope accepts his fate and lingers on.


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