So I decided to become a copywriter

After much soul searching and job seeking, I’ve now come to a point where I have settled on a job position.

In case the title of this blog post wasn’t subtle enough, I decided to become a copywriter. A copywriter is someone who writes marketing materials and creates text for promotional purposes. This includes brochures, emails, landing pages, advertisements, and much more. The industry is always expanding, with companies needing skilled writers to help sell their products and services.

Whether full-time or part-time, there are obvious benefits of being a copywriter. Being able to work from home, make great money, and not relying on formal education to get started. But you’re probably wondering why it took me until now to pursue it completely.

Why the Sudden Change?

For a long time, I’ve been struggling to find a job that fits my talents and fills my pockets. I took down class notes, created a portfolio, worked at an internship, and finished my last semester of college. All with the hopes of putting my newly acquired college degree to good use.

Obviously, it didn’t work out as planned.

I knew that I wanted to be a freelancer. So I signed up to a couple of freelancer websites and provided my services. Whether it was graphic design or writing, I just had to put myself out there. Maybe there was a job out there that would confirm my millennial entitlement.

Nothing happened.

At that time, all I had was this blog (which I barely used), a poetry collection, some graphic design projects, and an Instagram account (which was still growing). I needed to start expanding and have something substantial to build my brand on.

After quitting my job at Publix, I decided to go full-time with becoming a freelancer. In December, I began working on my skill set. With graphic design, I began watching tutorials and practicing as much as possible. With writing, I was working on another poetry collection. By the time 2017 came around, I had my own personal website available on the Internet.

It was still a struggle though. People who offered to help me became silent. The poetry book I recently published received little to no attention. Income dwindled by the month. I became a victim to self-doubt. I had to move back home and start from scratch. It seemed like every goal that I set myself was falling apart.

What do I do now? Do I cut my losses and find a simple job somewhere? It’s not like my resume was helping me pay the bills.

Despite everything, what remained was my desire to be a freelancer. Whether it would be as a graphic designer or writer, I didn’t see myself working in another office or retail store. I would risk it all to become a successful freelancer. No more stalling, distractions, or wandering. The road is set before me and I am taking the necessary steps to see it through to the end.

What You Can Expect

From now on, this blog will document my journey on this career path. Along the way, I’ll share any necessary information, tips, resources, advice, etc.

I’ll still post other content sporadically. But my intention with this new direction of the blog is to help potential clients improve their businesses and to guide aspiring writers towards opportunities that can benefit them.

If you’re talented enough to do it for free, then you should get paid for it.

Time to start anew.



One thought on “So I decided to become a copywriter

  1. Nice piece. I have considered the same career option and have freelanced in it without any further education. Because copywriting lessons are not available in my home city, I am aiming to do Marketing Communications instead. Good luck to your pursuits.

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