Earlier in April, I announced that I would release 3 books in 2018. While I still plan on delivering on that promise, I want to take this time to give some background and expand on the concept of “GodSpeed.”

Why the title “GodSpeed”?

Like most of my project titles, the title randomly came to me. I think that’s one of my strengths as a creative. I tend to focus more on the actual work, so having a title that fits nicely with the project doesn’t take up too much of my time.

(Fun fact: “Way Ward Soul Seeker” was meant to be a working title. But I thought it was cool and interesting phrase to gain someone’s attention. So I decided to keep it, and it ended up developing into something more.)

Around September or October, the word GodSpeed started popping into my head. I couldn’t place this word to anything. Would it be a music project, another book, something completely different? For some reason, I really liked the word and wanted to use it for something big.

What “GodSpeed” means to me?

The term “godspeed” is defined as “an expression of good wishes to a person starting a journey.” However, my overactive mind needs to expand on this definition and create entendres for the fun of it. So allow me to add my two interpretations on the word and how it relates to the overall project. Splitting the compound leaves us with two words, “God” and “speed.”

One way I approached this was to look at myself as a Christian. Or rather, someone that moves at God’s speed. Over the past year, I’ve had many bouts with self-doubt, addictions, and discontentment. In other words, it feels like I’m not moving at all. The poetry written around this time came from that frustration. Friends around me are getting married, starting careers, and doing something better with their time. Meanwhile, I’m broke, dealing with a porn addiction, and unsure of my own future. As a Christian, I’m called to “cast my anxieties on Him, because he cares” (1 Peter 5:7) Unfortunately, it’s been a struggle to find peace in the midst of uncertainties. I felt entitled to having my desires come to fruition because of the work I put in during my time in college. Yet the exact opposite happened. So “GodSpeed” will explore my reaction to the reality, and how I’m trying to follow God’s plan and move at His speed.

Another way I looked at it was to analyze my desire to be like God, moving at my own speed. I don’t want to rely on a higher power to control my destiny. I want to be successful, turn dreams into reality, and do it all at my own pace. I feel that’s a natural response to the flawed world that we live in. We all have our own ideas of improving it and making our situations better. Most of “GodSpeed” will revolve around my observations, experiences, and desires. Could I do a better job at being God and have everything revolve around my plan? It’s a question, among others, that I plan on answering.

What you can expect?

If there is one thing that I want my readers to pull from all this, it’s balance. In a previous blog post, I gave a brief synopsis on my previous two books. In case you want a refresher, here is why I wrote them:

“The Imperfect Portrait” is about me as a christian. “Way Ward Soul Seeker” is about me as a writer. So naturally, I want “GodSpeed” to focus on me as a person. I’m aiming to achieve the structured narratives of “The Imperfect Portrait” and the creative liberty of “Way Ward Soul Seeker.” Hence why there will be multiple installments. Each installment will have a theme that will loosely run through the poetry. I believe this will give readers a chance to reflect on what they just read, while getting ready for the next set of poetry.

In the meantime, I hope you to take the time to get acquainted with my past works. Then get hyped for what I have to offer in the future.

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