A young man’s poetry

Originally posted here: http://wp.me/p7qXT0-4G

I’ve had this blog for about a year now. And I’ve barely used it.

Truth be told, I wish I wasn’t so neglectful. Or forgetful. Or even prone to procrastination.

I guess I was afraid of trying something different. I considered myself to be a reclusive poet. Every word, line, and metaphor remained in my notes. Only recently have I decided to shed light on the works shrouded in mystery.

Last year, I released my first poetry collection titled “The Imperfect Portrait,” which available on this blog and my website (brotherhumbled.com) for free. This was my first step in coming out as a poet. My first attempt at transparency through poetry. It’s about the pride and self-reliance that I (and everyone) struggle with and how it prevents us from experiencing freedom in one’s own self. If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to check it out.

After “The Imperfect Portrait,” I began working on another poetry collection. This one would focus more on variety, experimentation, and emotions. I also dug up some older poetry and paired it with my newer stuff. The result became “Way Word Soul Seeker.” Released in March of this year, I consider this collection to be a demonstration of my writing prowess. It’s also available on my website for purchase.

Aside from the self-promo, I wrote this post to as a form of self-encouragement. That maybe I’m doing something right, despite the lack of success. I want to start using my blog as a way of sharing more of my work. If you’re interested in this young man’s poetry, then please stick around and support whenever possible. I’ll definitely need it

Stay humble,

Bryan Lordeus

Instagram: @brotherhumbled

Twitter: @brotherhumbled

Email: brotherhumbled@gmail.com

If you’re able to donate, please visit my website. I appreciate every cent and it goes toward furthering my brand.


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