Love is a drug/ Valentine’s Reflection

Love is a drug/ Valentine’s Reflection

Collaboration with Zaira Abbas

Love is a drug

That can make you heal

It’s so strong sometimes

You cant describe how you feel

Love can make you expose

All that you’ve been trying to conceal

It makes you lose control on your own self

You’re left unsure of what to keep inside and what to reveal

Love is understanding

that feelings are temporary.

A tendency to tell you sweet

things constantly.

It’s a temptation I fight daily.

Love gets you rolling free

Like a detached wheel

All the layers you’ve been trying to hide in

Slowly or suddenly, all of them will peel

I’ve had a habit of holding hearts hostage.

Thinking that bondage was how we bonded.

But once I lost the captives, my. capacity for love dropped again.

Love can make you laugh like never before

But it is also the very thing that’ll make you squeal

It makes you dream too much

So much so, that you forget what’s real

Love either makes you proud

Or it will force you to kneel

It’ll bring you the softness of a feather

Or it will leave you as hard as steel

Love can make you sell yourself short

But sometimes, it’s a fair deal

Be careful, for the passion eventually withers away

Very few actually know, how to maintain its zeal

Love is looking at your reflection and not facing your rival.

It’s breaking bread with your brothers and supporting you sisters.

It’s having faith in the unseen and

trusting in the face of adversity.

We all deserve compassion.

So let’s pursue it passionately.


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