When a joke becomes reality

“I’m a celebrity. I can do whatever I want to them.”

The Canada immigration website crashes. Memes plague social media. And Kanye West could be planning his presidential debut this very second.

Safe to say, this election season has been indescribable at best. But what does this mean for America going into the new term?

As the dust settles

As soon as the results were posted, I joined in on the shock that I’m sure everyone had.

Wait, Donald Trump is now the President-Elect? 
The same guy that essentially ran an entire platform on racism, bigotry, and misogyny will be President in a few months.
And let’s not forget that he’s a former TV reality star.
How is this even possible?

These were some of the thoughts that crossed my mind as I woke up to the news. I’ve seen enough reactions, tweets, and Facebook posts from people that needed to vent and process what just happened. I chose to remain silent (until now) throughout this election, but I think it’s time to spare a few words on the whole thing

This entire election season has been a circus of private emails and cringe worthy comments. Part of me is glad that it’s all over and things can now return to normalcy, albeit a little bit.

Politics and the Internet

Because I don’t fall under any political factions, I wasn’t as much angered as I was concerned. If it wasn’t for the Internet, I probably would not have been invested at all.

I remember watching one of the debates between Clinton and Trump and just feeling this deep sense of disappointment. Is this really just a middle school debate without the order and heeding of time limits? It was really just an opportunity to throw mud at each other and see what would stick the most.

Hilary and her emails.
Trump and his tweets.
This person wants war and she’s not trustworthy.
The other person wants to build a wall and bring America backwards.

And in the end, I think no one won. No one convinced me why I should vote for this person. All I got was just verbal articles arguing with each other in front of an audience. Whatever interest I had in voting was dashed once I realized I would be placing my trust in the lesser of two evils. And I wouldn’t feel comfortable, forsaking personal convictions for the sake of convenience and lack of choices.

Becoming a real boy

Let’s be honest; how many of us were wondering if Trump was just pulling an elaborate prank at first? Come to think of it, this whole election has been an episode of a reality show that has gone on for a long time. Some viewers tuned off once the two stars were left and others stuck around to see who would win the grand prize.

Donald Trump has a lot to prove, now that the whole world is his playground.The immature mocking, insensitive comments, and women grabbing can’t go unnoticed, nor should it. It’s time for this Pinocchio to become a real boy, and to quickly become a man.

What now?

Protests are going on, people are still coping with this decision, and others have probably jumped on the nearest ship or plane out the country. It’s a scary and confusing time to be an American, even if you wanted him to take office. I didn’t vote for neither, and it still amazes me that this was the first election that I supposedly had a chance to participate in the political process.

But despite being a black man, I have no vitriol for Donald Trump. And it may come as a shock, but I do believe something positive came from this whole ordeal. For one thing, it should wake Americans like me who look at my government with side eyes and purposeful indifference. How can I get more involved in my local community? What should I be doing with my art, time, influence, knowledge, etc? Donald Trump may be the leader of the free world, but true freedom begins with personal responsibility.

As a human, I want him to succeed. As a Christian, I’m willing to forgive, love, and respect him as an authority figure. And as an American, I hope he can subvert expectations and possibly lead America to greatness.

In the meantime, Kanye West gets my vote for the 2020 election season.


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