Loving (You) Is Complicated

Slow dance, romance, give love a chance
That’s what my heart said
But my mind whispered:

You know what will happen.
So stay slow, man.
Don’t go too fast and
pace yourself away from the past, then
keep yourself open to the potential of a relationship

I stand as a wavering, unfavorable white flag.
A blank page made of rage and
tragedies of unrequited loves
And unwritten regrets.
You offered me nothing,
Yet I can’t pay off these debts.

After writing the 21st love letter and fifth vow,
it got complicated.
Like mails, I lacked emotion.
Just a destination.

I’m too nice, too quiet.
I’m tall enough to be an eyeful;
cowardly enough to be Pride’s food.
You and I live on opposite sides of different dimensions.
A fictional universe that I wouldn’t traverse.
I haven’t read you in a while,
don’t know if you’re worth another look.

All I wanted was your approval.
Assurance that I wouldn’t lose you.
Aspirations to adore you yet,
As usual it’s just a few futile attempts,
a pitiful assumption that we function as a duet.

I’m forever lonely.
I’m stuck with all these questions,
And I don’t know if you can hear me.
Are you still there?
Please tell me you are somewhere.
Don’t leave me here.
Please appear…


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