Flowers, next to Machines

I have a gold mine of talent.
My body of work should be in a pageant.
Dressed in impressionistic fashion
with flair, beauty, and passion.
Exuding extravagance at this fine event.
Eventually all the prize money and accolades
will land in my hands. I’ll pay it forward.
I’ll give a voice to the introverted.
I tell the creatives to be beautiful in their own skin.
Behold, the balloons and confetti fall!
It is not only I who wins.

I manage the affair.
I’m a body of work that works overtime.
To place you in your position
where you can strut like you have something to say.
There’s no security in beauty.
No guarantees that you will succeed
without me working behind the scenes.

I admit that’s fair.
I’m a body of work that belongs in a garden.
Lying lazily next to lilacs,
sitting still on window sills.
Swaying to the fields,
I arose from oppression.
Son of a bright flower, I was plucked and
thrown into the den of lions.
But I lay safe from the lions lies
Still I rise, greeting the sunshine.
Basking in writer’s enlightenment.
Reflecting colors of nature’s spectrum
that inspire portraits of imagination.

I see your point.
I’m a body of work that takes form in sprinklers,
Spraying waters of wonders and wandering wisdom.
Correcting all the flaws of human nature.
I’m an overseer of writers’ tears;
I simply pass by and rain everywhere.
Each sentence is given judgement.
Each word drowns in scrutiny.
In the molecules of solitude,
I produce plants grown from hydrated nutrients.

I know my nature is flawed by humans.
I’m a body of work that fits all the lines in a room.
Housing stanzas into separate living environments.
The neighbors are musical notes,
intricate rhyme schemes, and syllabic patterns.
A merry band of helpful elements
coming together to perform.
I reckon I’m the best thing to happen to words
since literary recordings.

I won’t deny your organizational tactics.
I’m a body of work that is best paired with graphs,
Diagrams, and outlines.
I’m the final draft,
I do mean business.
I’m rough without the right revisions.
I’m tough to write without a clear vision.
I hold captions captive,
As they offer descriptions of their captors.
It’s elementary that essays, proposals,
And presentations require proper grammar.
Without me, the message stagnates.

I’m intrigued by both arguments.
As an admirer of author’s tools, I admit
I tend to separate you two like residents and immigrants.
Yet with you both, my writing transcends
From amateur works to master collections.
Technical expertise, taking the form of artistry.
One creates, the other corrects.
One cultivates, the other contemplates.
One performs, the other presents.
The unlikely duo.
Like metaphors, let’s connect.
Utilizing teamwork to achieve brilliance of language.


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