I am Brother Humbled

The poem introduces the antithesis of Two Dope, Brother Humbled. This poem focuses on the character and thoughts of Brother Humbled.

I am Brother Humbled.
A former wolf with a healed heart.
Now part of a sheepfold, set apart from the world.
The kingdom I serve is not of this earth.
I was saved and sanctified to testify His worth.

My room for growth could use some growing.
Lord knows I’m not divine.
I whine, cut off all lines of sight.
Turn a blind eye to all sources of light.
Then wonder if God exists.
Although I choose to acknowledge it,
It’s believing that makes a difference.
I like when life has meaning.
But not when the definition is meaningless.
And the synonyms just lead to death,
deadly weapons, diseases, and other malicious forces I deal with.
It’s a dead wish or a death wish.
To want something that’s easier than this.
If the afterlife is the last resort,
then I’ll praise God until my last breath.
Praying in order to withstand times of temptation,
while living out every text inside the testaments.

“Don’t do life alone.
Remember your King who gave his own.
Be the humbled, holy, wholesome sojourner
who unfolds scrolls of scriptures
while meditating on His love letters.
Help out your fellow brothers
support your sisters.
And proclaim good news to blind readers.”

I am the redeemed sinner.
I am the flawed saint.
I am the exalted servant.
I am the sanctified remnant.
I am God’s work in progress.
I am Brother Humbled.


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