The Fall

The poem documents the transformation of Two Dope, who starts to fall from his pride and encounters a very special person.

Alright, this is your captain Two Dope speaking.
We should be reaching our destination shortly.
Don’t worry, no need for parachutes or precaution.
I’m confident that we will reach our destination flawless.

Wait, what’s happening?
Why are the red lights flashing?
My altitude should be ascending.
I swore I didn’t need preparations
before I started take off.
Now the wings are flying off.
No, this can’t be my season yet.

Oh, now the engines want to be unemployed.
The controls are stalling,
Waiting on orders from a panicking pilot.
So they weren’t just babbling nonsense
when they told me this aircraft Babel
couldn’t reach the fathoms of space.

Now face to face with my own hubris,
I wish there was a way to reverse this.
Then suddenly, a blast from the past
engulfs me into the oblivion of the atmosphere.
Skydiving to an open grave, soon to meet my Maker.
Gravity’s prisoner, a meteor crashing towards an innocent bystander.

Actually, I think I know this person.
Wasn’t He the man that bore the world’s burdens?
I heard he was blameless, upright, and perfect
Yet the religious crucified him,
And he didn’t deserve it.

I had no scratches, no other reaction
than to thank him for his sacrifice.
For being at the right place, at the right time.

Lord, I am a sinner.
I tried to usurp heaven from you
with my own version of Babel.
Falling from heights like dim angels
that no longer wanted to be grateful.
I wanted no one to be above me.
But now seeing the love you have for me,
I’m done living for my own glory.
I no longer want to be dope,
I just want to rely on your hope.


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