No Correlation

This poem is about another short lived relationship. Utilizing different literary techniques, the poet reminiscences on past mistakes, telling his side of the story. The poet is still jaded from past failures.

I flirted with the idea of connection
But it wasn’t long before that idea became dated.
I’ve gotten mixed messages to no messages.
I was still recovering, going undercover.
Until you found me and restored me to the front lines.
Our love life was like a battle with no end in sight.
And I gladly took the beating of being the person you want to fight alongside.

We connected via Facebook Messenger.
Fittingly, I talked to a face that loved books.
And instantly, I became hooked.
She’s surely blessed but I’m a mess, with her;
I was her prince, but I couldn’t save her.
Because we were both damsels in need of a Savior.
So that devotion made me want to be like her Father and cherish her.
You were my Muse
And I was your musician.
Together we composed songs,
which we sang in the dead of night.
You brought life to my mummified heart.

The relationship then soon withered.
Unlike Hermes, I didn’t deliver on my promise
to rescue you the way God did.
And to be honest, I haven’t healed since.

I can still hear your anger and cries.
The piercing sound of your goodbyes.
We had a match of words.
You surely won, as I forfeit before it even begun.
A swing of regrets, interruptions in your breath.
Then you brought the worst yet:
the whirlwind of silence and neglect.

I failed at being your guardian angel.
I’m still battling my own demons.
You’re the end of the world
and I’m the book of Revelation.
It was bound to happen before the pages were even written.

I’m sorry for not being as sorry I should feel.
I’m reaping what I sow, leaving behind weep trails along minefields.
Now I understand the message:
I don’t deserve to be in a relationship.


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