Sea Sick

This poem details a past relationship gone awry, using ocean imagery and extended sea metaphors.

My soul is tied to the tides of time.
I would sail myself, but my soul is not for sale.
Still In the same ship with a navigators mindset,
I set sail on the seas, searching for my soulmate.
So far off from the island.
I set my eyes on the horizon.
Now begins the voyage.

Nervous motions into the ocean.
I suddenly sought romance with my best friend.
All these emotions I dived in,
I was about to die, then
you pulled me into your arms again.

You held me together,
when the weather was furthest from pleasant
But the voiceless winds left me paranoid.
What happened to our connection?
Conversations as deep as the blue beneath us
became shallow skeletons of rotting fishes
Has this maiden voyage become pointless?
All of my fears became reality,
when you found comfort in another captain

You must not have heard,
But a mutiny occurred.
I lost control of my anger.
The anchor was thrown overboard.
My guard was let down,
now I have cracks in my armor.
Weakened from the turmoil.
Losing my loving manners.
What’s the point of being enamored?

Through all the wrongs, I see right through you.
Harboring a cold heart, I have no sympathy for you.
You moved me in ways that made me nauseous.
Now I’m sea sick.
You slithering sea serpent.
Silent siren, siphoning life forces
I sing sad sea shanties and the storm is imminent.
I see you in my nightmares and hopeless delusions.
A sinking Ark in a Deluge,
I couldn’t save myself from the merciless blues.

Our love is now a polluted ocean,
Surrounded in sickening liquids
Sound foundations, now past restoration.
Like sinful sea dogs,
I hope you drown in your own vomit.


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