A message to J.

This poem focuses on the first love that went wrong, using the Internet as a metaphor for loss connection.

Abandoned lover, remember your former
boyfriend; whose big brain contained
couplets that included clingy
desires and teenage dreams. Sent via 
E-mail, but you must have
forgotten them. You must be too
good for me. I’m still
here, hanging on a response to reach my
inbox. In fact, I
judged myself as the
killer of our internet connection;
Leaving behind dial-up tones and
menacing pop-up messages of
not being able to reconnect.
Only once did I consider
pursuing you again.
Queue the rain and romantic clichés,
remember our interrupted connection as you find another.
Someone to repair your hardware,
take care of your software and
update the old server with a new
version. You were the axis that merrily made my
world go round. Now I place
X’s on circles containing
your face. We are no more than a
zero, nothing at all.


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