All of my Friends

Using an ironic twist on generalizations, the poem deals with the insecurities that arises from social media.

All of my friends are polished instruments.
I’m the out of tune guitar;
the broken string.
The forgotten ear worm squirming in sound systems.
I’m every dissident chord that disrupts listening pleasure.
I’m the washed up, ego-driven musician with a horrible voice.
Always making the wrong choices and belting wretched noises.

All of my friends are spotless saints.
Sanctified siblings, singing psalms of praise.
I’m in a pit of sin, filled with tears and regrets.
Taking Christ out of my crisis,
remaining tortured by demonic devices.
All of my friends are social butterflies.
I’m the caterpillar crawling in the corner.
A loner, a foreigner with his back against the wall.
I’m longing for my cocoon of solitude,
with free food and smooth tunes.

All of my friends are messengers,
talkative creatures with moving mouths.
I still have my prejudices against
stupid questions and shallow answers.
Small talk is never good enough.
I can never muster a clever response
in the moment of a conversation.

All of my friends love me.
Sometimes the feelings are mutual.
They love the person I’m not.
I love to be accepted,
conform to the popular opinion.
Consciously, I could never comply.

All of my friends lack investment.
The businesses went bankrupt,
profits fell into pitfalls, and
the employees went on to better things.
Now I’m staring through the window,
Wondering if anyone would break my fall.

All of my friends might not read this.
Either they are blind to my internal struggles.
Or will use indifference for personal purposes.
Focused more on improved statuses,
creating timeless quotes that demand constant attention;
I’m honestly not worth a mention.
Studying ancient chat histories;
realizing I have no time on their timelines.
No news of me, I’m broken from lack of followers.
Leading a host of ghost accounts that offer no accountability.
The illusion of social networking is more than I can bear.
I wonder if all of my friends are still there.


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