The Preface to “The Imperfect Portrait”

This is my first (and long overdue) poetry book.

The Book Cover.

Yes, I finally did it. After two years of putting poetry on hold, I believe that I have compiled a collection of poems that best demonstrate my skills as a poet.

Roughly two years ago, I took a poetry class my senior year of high school and sophomore year of college. Yes, I was one of those different students that did dual enrollment. The class was pretty simple, and my professor actually recommended that I should write a book. Two years later, that comment resided in the back of my mind.

Prior to taking this class, I always had a passion for poetry. I starting post my work online and received generally positive feedback. At first, it was encouraging to have strangers compliment me on my lyricism. Eventually, I experienced the vanity in trying to impress an audience, not necessarily delivering an important message. I started to feel discouragement and doubt, wondering if I really had something to offer…

But I didn’t quit completely. Thank God for technology, because I was able to jot down a plethora of notes across numerous note-taking applications in my free time. When inspiration struck, I made sure to take hold of it. In fact, most of my notes got incorporated into this very book.

During my last semester of college, I knew that I would have to get started on a book. One of my last classes was a poetry class and like last time, my professor was impressed with my works. Each time she would read my homework assignments to the class, I got this sense of confirmation to keep pursuing this book. This was one of the few classes in which I took note of everything that the class had to offer. The lessons, advice, and common mistakes to avoid were too much to mention here, but each helped me progress in honing my craft. I felt this creative spark that I haven’t experienced in ages. Plus I just turned 20, so I wanted to take advantage of this creative spark before the responsibilities of the real world would come full force. I wrote down a few titles for potential poems and began planning out a rough sketch for the book.

For this book, I wanted to tackle hard issues that I continually struggle with. In fact, the title is my way of describing myself as the “weird Christian.” I came to a realization earlier this year that I shouldn’t hide I truly am, an aspiring creative who is really quiet but likes to write for fun. Regardless of how people will receive me as a poet or a person, I needed to establish myself as a Christian man with multiple flaws.

Since this is my writing debut, I’m both excited and nervous. For most people, this will serve as my introduction as a writer. I pray that these words resonate with you. As you read each poem, try not to let the extended metaphors and clever wordplay distract you from the message. While I take pride in my writing abilities, I scaled back a bit in order to provide the individual messages of each poem and the overarching themes of the whole book.

With this book, I wanted to accomplish subtlety and vulnerability. When reading this book, understand that the story isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Each poem is a puzzle piece, but can create a different picture each time it’s put together. So with all that said, I appreciate you taking the time to reading all of this. Chances are, you might get to know me. Super low key…

The Title Page.

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