I’m Glad That You Rejected Me

Dear You,

I’m currently residing in what millennials call the “friend zone.” Honestly, it feels like a second home. I could see myself being here for a very long time, since You like to bring me here whenever I assume that there’s something more than just friendship. Or I’m just really bad at reading signs.

Anyway, I hope You are doing well. You haven’t texted me in a while or like my Facebook statuses. Is this tension the reason why our relationship secretly deteriorating by the day. You smile in my face and say everything is cool, but I disagree. But I won’t bring it up, because I care enough to not make things more awkward. Or maybe I’m such a gentleman.

Now here’s where the monster of irony rear it’s contrarian head. I’m actually glad You rejected Me. And it’s not because the heartache or confusion. It’s the realization that I’m not entitled to You. I don’t own your feelings or thoughts about Me. So at the very least, I appreciate You bringing Me back to reality. And in the likely scenario that You’ll probably stop talking to me, then know that I won’t be waiting for You. Not out of anger, but acceptance. Meanwhile, I’ll get more comfortable in my second home. Turns out I’ll be here for a while.



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