Why I chose the name “Brother Humbled”

Welcome to my first ever WordPress blog post.

For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a quick bio.

My full name is Bryan Joseph Lordeus. Born and raised in North Lauderdale, Florida. My interests include music, art, and other creative stuff. At this time, I’m a 20 year old college senior soon to graduate from the University of South Florida this summer (Go Bulls!). I’m a follower of Christ Jesus(Go Jesus!!). I’m currently trying to master the trumpet and 5 other instruments (people say I’m pretty good at playing piano).

Now that I threw some random facts, I should probably get to why I chose this new name as my personal brand.

I’ll get the clichéd answer out of the way by saying “it sounded cool.” While I am a huge fan of cool names, there’s a lot more to it.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about what my personal brand should be for a while now. I wanted something that best describes me as a person, but leaves a little to the imagination. Depending if I have the time or motivation, I’ll go in-depth in other posts about the process for creating this name.

Now this isn’t an alter ego or anything. I’m too stubborn, lazy, and/or different to be anyone else but me. Nor is it a chance adopt a different persona. If anything, this is how I want to show myself to the world. My new identity amplifies the old identity, flaws and all. The awkwardness, creativeness, and selflessness.

There are other things I want to do with this blog. It will get personal, educational, and certainly weird. Other than that, I hope you stick around as I try to figure this all out.

So let me reintroduce myself: Hi, my name is Brother Humble. Nice to meet you.


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